The Global StopCyberbullying Telesummit is the largest bullying and cyberbullying event held worldwide. We are already in the 5th. edition!

More than talking about the problem, let’s talk about solutions.

During the month of October (European Cybersecurity Month and Bullying Prevention), Cristiane Miranda, Sónia Seixas and Tito de Morais organize and promote the 4th Edition of the Global StopCyberbullying Telesummit.

Every working day, we will hear from several experts who come to talk to us about how to prevent, identify, intervene and tackle bullying and cyberbullying.

It will be 21 days, more than 30 hours, about 25 guests bringing us several topics related to bullying and cyberbullying.

We’re sure you won’t want to miss out.

Sessions will be conducted in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish, depending on the guest. Sessions in English, French or Spanish, will have simultaneous translation into Portuguese.

Check the program, register and come with us to make a difference!

To participate, register here!By registering you’ll ensure that you’ll get the links to participate in all live sessions for free. Participation in live sessions is free, but registration is mandatory.


Cristiane Miranda
Co-Founder of the Agarrados à Net project, Portugal
Sónia Seixas
Psychologist, Teacher in Higher Education, Portugal
Tito de Morais
Founder of the MiudosSegurosNa.Net project, Portugal


Bill Belsey
Professor, Canadá
Marco Neves
Specialist and Consultant in Artificial Intelligence and Education, Portugal
Francesca Gottschalk
Analyst, OECD, France
Beatriz Pereira
Professor, University of Minho, Portugal
Ila Brognoli
Educator, Brazil
Silvana Giachero
Psychologist, Uruguai
Enrique Pérez-Carrillo de la Cueva
President of the Spanish Association for the Prevention of School Harassment (AEPAE), Spain
Jorge Façanha
Nurse Specialist in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, CHUC (Hospital Center of the University of Coimbra), Portugal
Peter Arojojoye
Product Manager and Digital Policy Analyst, Nigeria
Noémia Carvalho
Psychologist, Collaborator at the Department of Psychology at ASSEDIUS, Portugal
Pedro Mariano
Founder, Assedius.pt, Portugal
Regina Sampaio
Lawyer, Collaborator in the ASSEDIUS Legal Department, Portugal
Evelise Galvão de Carvalho
Master and Professor, Brazil
Kanishk Verma
Doctoral candidate, ADAPT Center & Anti Bullying Center, Dublin City University, Ireland
Ana Prada
Adjunct Professor, Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal
Inês Moura
Higher Technique of Social Education, Portugal
Rosa Novo
Adjunct Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal
Catarina Marques
Journalist, SIC – Impresa Group, Portugal
Daniela Espírito Santo
Journalist, Renascença radio, Portugal
Ana Paula Canto de Lima
Lawyer, founder of Canto de Lima Advocacia, Brazil
Francisca De Magalhães Barros
Women and children's rights activist, Portugal
Bruno Humbeeck
Psychopedagogue, Clinique de la Résilience, Belgium
Ivano Zoppi
Secretary-General, Fondazione Carolina, Italy
Fábio Borges
Speaker and Trainer specializing in Positive Communication, Brasil/Portugal


This program is subject to change. All dates and times indicated refer to Mainland Portugal. All sessions take place from 09:30pm to 11pm. Check the time in your location or time zone, here. The sessions in English, French and Spanish will take place with simultaneous translation to Portuguese. Sessions in Portuguese will not have translation. Last Update: September 2nd, 2023.

Title: Emotional vs Artificial Intelligence: Staying Real in a Digital World

Summary: With more than 40 years of experience in education, Bill Belsey, a Canadian educator considered the “father” of the word cyberbullying, will share with us how this term came about. He will also talk to us about how parents and teachers can help young people to ensure that empathy is not sacrificed in an increasingly digital world; what he considers to be the most important thing for parents and teachers to focus on and what are the biggest challenges facing those who care for young people today.

Speaker: Bill Belsey (Canadá)

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda, Sónia Seixas and Tito de Morais (Portugal)

Note: Session in English with simultaneous translation into Portuguese

Title: Moments of Hybrid Cognition: The Human Mind and Artificial Intelligence

Summary: Given the current advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially Generative AI, numerous social, economic, cultural, and even ethical issues arise. It is important to understand that we are witnessing an urgent need to create environments and contexts where the enhancement of human capabilities (analog) and AI (digital) operate mutually with the common objective of elevating human potential.

Speaker: Marco Neves (Portugal)

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda, Sónia Seixas and Tito de Morais (Portugal)

Title: Cyberbullying: An Overview of Research and Policy in OECD Countries

Summary: Cyberbullying is a high priority policy challenge in many OECD countries. In recent years, the literature base on cyberbullying has rapidly expanded, shedding insights into the prevalence of the issue, highlighting which characteristics make children more likely to be cyberbullied, those that make them more likely to cyberbully others, and how this affects or is affected by well-being. Education systems have responded to this challenge in different ways such as promoting awareness of the issue, providing support to children in schools, through Internet safety initiatives, and implementing policies and sometimes laws to combat cyberbullying. This session will give an overview of some recent findings in the cyberbullying literature and will highlight examples of practice and policy to combat cyberbullying in OECD countries.

Speaker: Francesca Gottschalk (France)

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda and Tito de Morais (Portugal)

Note: Session in English with simultaneous translation to Portuguese

Title: Bullying, Cyberbullying and Hate Speech

Summary: In this session, our guest, a national reference in bullying research, will talk with us about:

    • Bullying at school and the roles assumed by the different participants;
    • For whom bullying is a problem;
    • Social networks and the dissemination and reinforcement of bullying practices and training children to deal with bullying situations;
    • What are the measures to prevent bullying at school and what is the role of children;
    • How the child’s health is affected;
    • The diversity of children, particularly those with Special Educational Needs.

Speaker: Beatriz Pereira (Portugal)

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda and Tito de Morais (Portugal)

Títle: Talking About Pain: Strategies and Tools to Reestablish the Recognition of Humanity

Summary: To prevent bullying and cyberbullying we need to have a compassionate approach towards the aggressor, without this meaning depriving them of responsibility for their actions. Whoever hurts is hurt and denying this reality pushes us away, disconnects and breaks bonds. How can we exercise strategies and look for tools to reestablish recognition of humanity in everyone involved in cases of bullying and cyberbullying? Let’s talk about this.

Speaker: Ila Brognoli (Brazil)

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda, Sónia Seixas and Tito de Morais (Portugal)

Title: Bullying and Cyberbullying – Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment

Resumo: Understand the origin of these dynamics, the myth of the victim’s profile, how to identify them, work on prevention and EMDR treatment as an approach that heals damage from post-traumatic stress.

Speaker: Silvana Giachero (Uruguay)

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda and Tito de Morais (Portugal)

Note: Session in Spanish with simultaneous translation into Portuguese.

Title: Do bullying ao cyberbullying escolar

Summary: The emergence of the Internet, with access to infinite information and virtual social relationships, has radically changed society. Like any event or tool that transforms our lives, the virtual universe requires adjustments in a technology that has come to stay, and that will inexorably continue its process of hybridization with the real: artificial intelligence is already here The first thing that would need to be adjusted would be the definitions of bullying and cyberbullying, since not all cyberbullying is at school, and the specific nature of this type of abuse is often overlooked. We will also talk about learned helplessness, harm, power imbalance, intentionality, turning points, social interaction, and human rights.

Speaker: Enrique Pérez-Carrillo de la Cueva (Spain)

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda and Tito de Morais (Portugal)

Note: Session in Spanish with simultaneous translation into Portuguese

Title: Mais Contigo – Promotion of Mental Health and Prevention of Suicidal Behaviour

Summary: In this session we will learn about the Mais Contigo program, a longitudinal intervention and research program, based on a multilevel network intervention, implemented since the 2011-2012 academic year, with the aim of promoting self-concept, problem-solving capacity, improving well-being -stay and reduce depressive symptoms in school-aged adolescents. Mais Contigo is a mental health promotion program throughout pre-university education that has demonstrated to be efficient in promoting protective factors and reducing risk factors for the manifestation of suicidal behaviours, through a multilevel intervention, in network.

Speaker: Jorge Façanha (Portugal)

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda, Sónia Seixas and Tito de Morais (Portugal)

Title: Tackling Cyberbullying in Africa

Summary: In this session, our guest will examine the main causes of cyberbullying in Africa and the role social media platforms play in the phenomena. Peter will also be talking with us about the current legal and regulatory framework for cyberbullying in Africa and how can cyberbullying be tackled in Africa.

Speaker: Peter Arojojoye (Nigeria)

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda and Tito de Morais (Portugal)

Title: Labor and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Summary: The session aims to present, from a legal and psychological point of view, the topic of harassment, its influence on business and human behaviour, its regulation and legal punishment. This session seeks not only to equip participants with knowledge about harassment, but also to raise awareness and provide prevention mechanisms for identifying, intervening and combating harassment.

Speakers: Noémia Carvalho, Pedro Mariano andRegina Sampaio (Portugal)

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda, Sónia Seixas and Tito de Morais (Portugal)

Title: Extremism, Hate Groups and Gamer Culture

Summary: In this talk, we will examine how extremism and hate speech intertwine with gaming culture We will address the negative impacts, concrete examples and the joint responsibility of players, programmers, and platforms to promote a safe and healthy gaming environment. We will also address how extremist groups have appropriated gamer culture to disseminate their agendas and to attract their groups.

Speaker: Evelise Galvão de Carvalho (Brazil)

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda, Sónia Seixas and Tito de Morais (Portugal)

Title: Artificial Intelligence and Cyberbullying

Summary: In this session, our guest will discuss:

    • The role Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play in identifying and preventing cyberbullying;
    • The challenges in developing AI systems to effectively combat cyberbullying;
    • The ethical considerations in implementing AI solutions to detect cyberbullying;
    • Ways tech companies, researchers and platforms can collaborate to a safer online environment for users, particularly teenagers;
    • How AI can adapt to cultural and language variations when identifying cyberbullying.

Speaker: Kanishk Verma (Ireland)

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda and Tito de Morais (Portugal)

Note: Session in English with simultaneous translation to Portuguese

Title: Bullying at School: Perspectives of Operational Assistants

Summary: There is a growing interest in the study of perceptions about bullying considering the perspective of teaching professionals, in particular, teachers. With operational assistants responsible for monitoring school spaces where bullying usually occurs, a mixed, cross-sectional, and exploratory study was developed taking into consideration the following problem question: How do operational assistants work and what do they know about bullying in the context school? In this session we will talk about the results of this study.

Speakers: Ana Prada, Inês Moura and Rosa Novo (Portugal)

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda and Tito de Morais (Portugal)

Title: Combating Violence in Schools in Brazil

Summary: In this session, our guest will address SNAVE (National System for Monitoring and Combating Violence in Schools) and the topic of cyberbullying, bringing Brazil’s vision in relation to the topic, also addressing the research carried out as part of her master’s degree on bullying and cyberbullying in public schools.

Speaker(s): Ana Paula Canto de Lima (Brazil)

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda and Tito de Morais (Portugal)

Title: Media, Bullying & Cyberbullying

Summary: Starting from the awareness of the importance of the media and the rapid and massive way in which they reach the general public, the aim of this session is to promote reflection on their role in the way they present or select the information they convey in the field of bullying and cyberbullying. What role can media play in disseminating information about these phenomena? How can it place itself at the service of society, promoting the dissemination of reliable information? How can the media contribute to tackle bullying and cyberbullying? How can it promote greater awareness among society? Can cyberbullying behaviours be enhanced, depending on the way we construct the information to be disclosed? These are some of the questions we will seek to address in this session.

Speakers: Catarina Marques and Daniela Espírito Santo (Portugal)

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda, Sónia Seixas and Tito de Morais (Portugal)

Title: Activism Against Bullying and Cyberbullying

Summary: Based on her experience in a campaign she carried out online in 2022, with artists and journalists, to raise awareness in the country against bullying, our guest comes to tell us about the importance of activism as a way of raising awareness of social issues and mobilizing society regarding violence against children.

Speaker: Francisca de Magalhães Barros (Portugal)

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda, Sónia Seixas and Tito de Morais (Portugal)

Title: Prevention and Management of School Bullying and Cyberbullying

Summary: How to prevent school and extracurricular bullying? How can we react effectively to this phenomenon? How can we react together to control the phenomenon? Who are the bullies? Who are the bullyed? How to escape the cycle of bullying? How to help your child who is a victim? How can the teacher intervene in his class when confronted with this type of phenomenon? How to set up an effective school project to formalize prevention and master its components? It is these essential questions that this conference aims to answer by giving teachers and parents concrete ideas.

Speaker: Bruno Humbeeck (Belgium)

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda and Tito de Morais (Portugal)

Note: Session in French with simultaneous translation into Portuguese

Title: Cyberbullying: the situation in Italy after the application of italian law

Summary: Spread of the phenomenon of cyberbullying in Italy; the situation 5 years after the implementation of Law 71/17. The cultural issue.

Speaker: Ivano Zoppi (Italy)

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda and Tito de Morais (Portugal)

Note: Session in English with simultaneous translation into Portuguese.

Title: The Power of Positive Communication in Preventing CyberBullying

Summary: How we can work on implementing Positive Communication, both intrapersonally and interpersonally, to promote healthier environments and relationships.

Speaker: Fábio Borges (Brazil/ Portugal)

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda, Sónia Seixas and Tito de Morais

Title:The myths of bullying and cyberbullying

Summary: This session will be different. There will be no speaker. The hosts will be Cristiane and Tito. It will be an open session, in which participants will be able to turn on their microphones and cameras, to talk with us, give us their perspective, ask us questions, share experiences and knowledge. Bring something to toast at the end of the V Global StopCyberbullying Telesummit – Port wine, champagne, sparkling wine, water, juice, tea… if you want to bring cake, or your local delicacy, feel free! The session will be recorded for our review only. The recording of the session will not be made available.

Hosts: Cristiane Miranda and Tito de Morais


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